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Development of an Advanced Micro-Positioning System for Increasing Operation Accuracy– Consideration of high pressure sealing

Autoren:Pluemer, S.; Voges-Schwieger, K.; Denkena, B.; Behrens, B.-A.
Kategorie:Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Veröffentlichung:Prod. Eng. Res. Devel., 2012


This paper presents the development of a micro-positioning system for the increase of operation accuracy of machine tools. A highly dynamic piezo-actuated micropump coupled with a hydraulic cylinder transforms small strokes of the piezoelectric actuator into a continuous piston movement. Fast-switching active valves direct the volume flow. Crucial for the functionality of the pump module is the sealing function of the membrane to isolate the piezoelectric actuator unit against high pressure fluid. Therefore, the requirements for foil membrane selection are investigated by means of a developed test bench. It is demonstrated that a successful test of foil membrane materials provides a closer insight into the entire valve characteristics.