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Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming of Symmetric and Asymmetric Parts

Autoren:Salfeld, V.; Krimm, R.; Hübner, S.; Matthias, T.; Vucetic, M.
Kategorie:Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Veröffentlichung:Advanced Materials Research Vol. 769 (2013), pp. 229-236


The unique process of sheet-bulk metal forming (SBMF) represents a combination of sheet and bulk metal forming by inducing a three-dimensional material flow in sheet metals in a single forming stage. Within this paper two different applications of sheet-bulk metal forming are demonstrated. Hereby two different combined drawing and upsetting processes to realize parts with symmetrically and asymmetrically arranged functional elements are analysed. Finally, this contribution introduces a new machine technique which provides an improvement of the working accuracy of a forming machine and thus has a positive influence on the parts quality. The idea is to use electromagnetic ram guidance to counteract the displacement of the ram due to horizontal forming forces while forming of asymmetric parts.