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Temperature-dependent anisotropic material modeling of the sheet metal component within the polymer injection forming process

Autoren:Behrens, B.-A.; Götze, T.
Kategorie:Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Veröffentlichung:Production Engineering – Research and Development; Springer Verlag


In the course of this work, an extended material model for a carbon steel sheet metal has been developed based on Hill’48 yield criterion, considering temperature-dependent plastic anisotropy coefficients. This material model is applied on a polymer injection forming process in which the sheet metal heats up to a critical forming temperature through the contact with the plastic melt. At this temperature range blue brittleness occurs. The elastic properties, the yield stress as well as the plastic anisotropy coefficients of the sheet material become significantly different compared to those at room temperature. It should be emphasized that especially temperature-dependent anisotropy coefficients are not yet considered in most common material models. With the help of the presented modelling approach a more precise modelling of the temperature-dependent carbon steel material behavior can be realised.