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Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Fold Formation in Forged Parts

Autoren:Behrens, B.-A.; Kazhai, M.
Kategorie:Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Veröffentlichung:Key Engineering Materials Vols. 611-612 (2014) pp 212-220; Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland


On component-side the process limits of bulk metal forming processes are limited by defects in parts, like folds or cracks. Considering the time and cost aspect, the complexity of forged parts and the demands on quality are increasing. Therefore in production processes it is inalienable to detect failures in parts in earlier process stages, to avoid additional costs and loss of time. One of the comparatively less investigated failures in bulk metal forming processes are forging folds, which predominantly occur at the equatorial section in upsetting processes of hollow parts. Some previous studies showed the main influences on the formation of forging folds [1, 2, 3]. In these studies i.a. at the Institute of Forming Technology and Machines an algorithm was developed and implemented in a commercial FE-Software-System, which is able to detect forging folds in bulk metal forming processes. However, the algorithm is only valid for two-dimensional models.