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Manufacturing of functional elements by sheet-bulk metal forming processes.

Autoren:Gröbel, D.; Schulte, R.; Hildebrand, P.; Lechner, M.; Engel, U.; Sieczkarek, P.; Wernicke, S.; Gies, S.; Tekkaya, E.; Behrens, B.-A.; Hübner, S.; Vucetic, M.; Koch, S.; Merklein, M.:
Kategorie:Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Veröffentlichung:Production Engineering Research & Development Special Issue (2016); Vol. 10; S. 63 – 80


Due to increasing economic and ecological restrictions, conventional sheet and bulk forming operations often reach their limits with regard to part weight and functional integration. One solution to meet those challenges is provided by sheet-bulk metal forming (SBMF) processes. SBMF is defined as the application of bulk forming operations on sheet metal. SBMF can be combined with conventional sheet forming operations and offers the opportunity to form highly functional integrated parts out of sheet metal. It contains the benefit of an optimization of the part weight and a shortening of the process chain. Recent research has found different solutions regarding the actual implementation of SBMF in several process variants. In this paper, a categorisation for functional elements on sheet metal parts is proposed. A selection of possible approaches for their manufacturing is presented. The process variants are compared by means of the main process characteristics. By these means, the choice of a suitable option shall be facilitated for practical manufacturing design and for a particular relevant product.