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Acoustic emission technique for online monitoring during cold forging of steel components - a promising approach for online crack detection in metal forming

authors:Behrens, B.-A.; Santangelo, A.; Buse, C.
categories:Journals (reviewed)
publication:Production Engineering - Research and Development


The acoustic emission technique is a very promising non-destructive and online capable approach for the detection of damage events in metal forming processes. The feasibility of using this testing method for online monitoring of cold forging processes of the case hardening steel 1.7321 (20MoCr4) was experimentally proven. In this paper, exemplary upsetting tests under varying test conditions were continuously monitored to analyze the relationship between cracking and resulting AE as well as to determine ideal AE measuring parameters. Finally, the critical forming stage of an industrial cold forging process for manufacturing of drive bevel gears is examined by applying acoustic emission technique. Cracking and tool wear were detected by analyzing the distribution of the AE parameters energy, hits and amplitude over the forming process.