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Process-integrated projection welding during deep drawing

authors:Masood Jalanesh, Andre Miller, Marco Hehmann, André Spiekermeier, Sven Hübner, Bernd-Arno Behrens
categories:Journals (reviewed)
publication:WGP-Kongress 05.09.2016-06.09.2016, Vol.1040 (2016) pp. 59-66


Within deep drawing processes, welding represents an innovative approach to optimising the branched process chains which entail uneconomic process steps in production and transport lines. Previous applications of thermal joining processes in presses required a downstream process step for joining standardised functional elements such as nuts. Within the scope of this publication, a weldable tool system is presented which offers the possibility of welding a deep drawing component to an automatically added non-standardised holder in a single-step deep drawing process without additional dwell time in the bottom dead point. In order to realise this innovative tool system, the interdependencies of deep drawing and projection welding are considered to enable a splash-free welding on flat and curved component areas, such as the rounding of a punch edge. Based on experimental research a special concept for the tool kinematics of welding electronics is drawn up which is based on press kinematics. In addition, this article also deals with electric insulation and the forming forces which have an impact on the welding electrodes integrated into the active surface of the forming tool. Thus, the joining process becomes independent from the type of press.