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Prediction and Detection of Wear Mechanisms on an Industry-Oriented Hot Forging Die

authors:Behrens, B-A.; Lippold, L.; Kazhai, M.; Bouguecha, A.; Vucetic, M.; Hübsch, C.; Möhwald, K.
categories:Journals (reviewed)
publication:Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1140, S. 91-98, Trans Tech Publications


In this paper a high loaded hot forging die, which is oriented towards an industrial forging process, is developed with assistance of finite element analysis. In serial hot forging tests and process accompanying analysis methods the designed die geometry gets investigated concerning occurring wear mechanisms. Within the investigation it could be shown, that calculated results of the wear condition are corresponding to the experiments. Abrasion, plastic deformation and mechanical cracking could be detected. The variety of occurring wear mechanisms on the designed die allows a promising approach of further investigations on the valuation of different wear reducing strategies.