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Development and validation of a new method for accelerated and economic wear testing of tool materials for deep drawing applications

authors:Behrens, B.-A.; Bräuer,G.; Hübner, S.; Jalanesh, M.; Lorenz, E.; Weber, M.; Zimbelmann, S.
categories:Journals (reviewed)
publication:WEAR, 15 April 2017 Volumes 376–377, Part B, pp. 1814–1821


This publication describes a new quick and economical method for the simulation of tool wear in the deep drawing and stretch forming of steel sheets in the area of the drawn edge. This method also allows a comparative evaluation of the properties of different tool materials versus reference materials. In order to reduce the amount of required test cycles, a controlled amount of wear–inducing particles is added to the contact zone between tool and sheet metal.

Initially, investigations with a high–load tribometer were carried out for the selection of suitable wear–inducing particles. In order to cause a degree of wear similar to normal circumstances within a shorter amount of time, wear-inducing particles were added. Signs of wear were analysed by scanning microscopy and EDX analysis. The wear particles were also used for wear initiation for a strip drawing test.

Subsequently, a wear testing stand was modified for the new concept allowing for a controlled amount of wear particles to be applied. After optimization of the test parameters, it was found that after 50 strokes with a test time of 2.5 min a result similar to 94,000 strokes without wear particles was obtained.