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A sectionwise defined model for the material description of 100Cr6 in the thixotropic state

authors:Behrens, B. A.; Chugreev, A.; Hootak, M.
categories:Journals (reviewed)
publication:AIP Conference Proceedings 1960


A sectionwise defined material model has been developed for the numerical description of thixoforming processes. It consists of two sections. The first one describes the material behaviour below the solidus temperature and comprises an approach from structure mechanics, whereas the second section model describes the thixotropic behaviour above the solidus temperature based on the Ostwald-de Waele power law. The material model has been implemented in a commercial FE software Simufact Forming by means of user-defined subroutines. Numerical and experimental investigations of special upsetting tests have been designed and carried out with Armco iron-coated specimens. Finally, the model parameters were fitted by reverse engineering.