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Cross-divisional competence teams

Within four interdepartmental competence-teams, employees at the Institut of Umformtechnik and Umformmaschinen are researching on interdisciplinary and research topics that currently have a high relevance. By doing this, the specific knowledge and know-how of each employee can contribute to an interdisciplinary and complete solution for research questions. The team leader of each competence team are happy to answer all questions concerning basic research, applied research or contract research in the following areas:

  • FVK-metal-hybrids
  • Hot sheet-metal forming
  • Tribology
  • Biomedical engineering



Fiber-reinforced plastic-metal hybrids

Metallic as well as fiber-reinforced plastics respectively distinguishes itself by specific mechanic, acoustic and chemical properties. Advantages of both plastics are combined to allow a production of light but highly stress able/loadable parts which leads to an overall higher grade of lightweight construction. The competence team “FVK-metal-hybrids” designs cost-efficient forming processes and numeric figures/illustrations to create hybrid semi-finished products with conventional press-technology.

Contact: Herr Micke (Tel. 0511 762 4102, mickeifum.uni-hannover.de)



Hot sheet metal forming

A main aspect of automobile lightweight construction is the usage of warm formed structural components made of highest strength sheet metals. The needed manufacturing processes, especially for hot stamping of Bor-Mangan-steel, are a combination of both forming processes and heat treatments to create highly stress able parts for crash-relevant car body parts. The competence team “Hot sheet metal forming” addresses basic and applied research of new and modern material concepts for hot stamping, alternate ways to process materials as well as the creation of models in the numeric simulation.

Contact: Herr Vogt (Tel. 0511 762 3861, vogtifum.uni-hannover.de)




This competence team acts as an internal and intradepartmental consulting team for all research and questions concerning Tribology. It consists of employees specialized in sheet metal and bulk metal forming, forming machines as well as material characterization and simulation. Its focus is on the scientific description of states of friction/sliding friction, the calculation of friction coefficients, signs of wear off and the lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion/movement.

Worn Forging die after 1000 forging cycles
Topography analysis of a turned Surface

Contact: Herr Brunotte (Tel. 0511 762 4958, brunotteifum.uni-hannover.de)




In the scientific field of biomedical-engineering, the IFUM is looking back on years of expertise and experience. Additional to the numeric modeling of the interaction between bones and implants, different multi-body simulation models for dogs as well as humans are developed to research gear movements and to calculate joint forces. Another research topic is the production of different prosthetic devices using forming technologies. To combine strengths and insights of different areas, this competence team works interdepartmental on topics and equally develops new research ideas on the connection between biomedical-engineering and forming technologies.

Multi-body simulation model of human legs with a hip prosthetic device
Finite-element-model of a pelvic-prosthetic-bond

Contact: Herr Chugreev (Tel. 0511 762 5550, Chugreevifum.uni-hannover.de)