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Adaptive Pressengründung

Adaptive press foundation

IFUM: During forging, the necessary process forces are abruptly applied by the hammer. The impact causes vibrations in the press and especially in the press environment, which have a negative impact on buildings and people. In practice, a large number of damping systems are used to dampen these vibrations. One approach pursued at IFUM for improved damping of these vibrations is a spring-damper element based on intelligent materials.

Intelligent materials or smart materials can change their inner structure by means of externally applied stimuli. Relatively well-known representatives of this material type are magnetorheological fluids. By applying a magnetic field it is possible to change the viscosity of these liquids and thus their flow properties. Magnetorheological fluids are successfully used in dampers in the automotive industry and in earthquake protection on buildings. The IFUM will soon investigate to what extent dampers based on magnetorheological fluids are suitable for damping the sudden vibration excitation caused by process forces, which is particularly common in solid forming, and what advantages and disadvantages exist compared to existing damper systems. A special focus is on the dynamic control of the magnetic field, which allows the material properties of the liquid to be adapted to the vibration within a very short time during a production cycle.