What is the Gauss-AG?

The Gauss-AG offers students coming from different grade levels the opportunity to explore and conduct research science in exciting projects for one week during easter, autumn, and summer break, with the aim of creating an inspiring a learning environment where participants can deepen their interest in science and research in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences and technology.

As part of the Gauss-AG Easter 2023 program, the university has extended an invitation to students in grades 4-6. From 27th to 29th of March in 2023, starting at 8:45 AM until 12:00 PM, the students are kindly invited to visit the mechanical engineering campus and to explore the fascinating world of mechanical engineering. This provides a great opportunity to learn with the help of exciting projects and gain insight into production technology. A particularly special highlight is the opportunity to create your very own "Hampelmaus" at IFUM by connecting various materials through welding, clinching, riveting, screwing and gluing.

Registration for the Gauss-AG Easter 2023 program will be available through Gauß-AG[SJ1]  starting from 1st of March.