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Numeric Simulation


  • Tool failure
  • Component failure
  • Ressource efficiency
Numeric determined phase distribution


  • Design, analysis and optimization of technical forming production processes based on the finite-element-method (FEM)
  • Joining processes for efficiency augmentation
  • Exact prediction of component properties
  • Design and optimization of tools
  • Development of new production processes


  • Wear analysis and optimization of forming tools (life expectancy, failure, wear)
  • Simulation based design of state development
  • Process optimized in relation to the double simulation calculation under variation of relevant process parameters
  • Design of joined processes as forging with integrated heat treatment


  • Simufact.forming
  • Transvalor Forge
  • DSS Abaqus
  • LSTC LS-Dyna
  • MSC Marc-Mentat
  • Altair Hyperworks