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Modell composition


  • Composition of new materials
  • Numeric design of forging zones as well as intermetallic phases
  • Implementation of new material models in FE Systems
  • Implementation of wear behavior of different materials


  • Development of physical-mathematical model to describe real forming processes
  • Description of real forming processes using new materials like FVK metal-hybrid-components
  • Description of material behavior like die forming and destruction.


  • Simulation of sheet metal and bulk metal forming processes with consideration of structure development
  • Development of descriptive models of materials, damage, wear, friction, etc.)
  • Numeric modeling of varied materials (steel, light weight metal, FVK-metal-hybrid-components, etc.)
  • Usage of FE-simulation in bio medical technique (protheses, bone restructuring, interaction of protheses and bone, etc.)


  • Simufact.forming
  • Transvalor Forge
  • DSS Abaqus
  • LSTC LS-Dyna
  • MSC Marc-Mentat
  • Altair Hypermesh