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Ready to cooperate?/Become our research partner

…for example, within the scope of industrial cooperation in research

Most of our research for and with SME is conducted following the industrial cooperative research (IGF). The companies can compound their research activities and collectively work together with university or other non-profit research centers, funded through the ministry for economy and technology (BMWi).

The AiF, the cooperation of industrial research, mediates between a medium sized company and the industrial cooperation of the PZH to form a project. As an organization funding industrial cooperative research and other research cooperation it is dedicated to the performance capabilities of the mid-sized sector. The IFUM will gladly inform middle-sized companies with research needs about possible research cooperation and funding options. 

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…for example, in compound projects/joined projects

Many research projects concerning production technology are only feasible and relevant in close cooperation with industry and companies. To optimize logistic processes, it is ideal to be able to use real logistic situations and real logistics challenges of the industry. Benefits for companies joining the cooperative research are plentiful. They become part of futuristic research and developments and profit from tailored solutions and know-how to actively research a specific question or to accompany existing projects.

…for example, in the scope of bilateral research

The possible content for services and research assignment are as diverse as the topics in production and as varied as the focus areas of all six engineering institutes of the University of Hannover.