Expansion of the machinery at IFUM

A new press has been added to the machine park of the Institute of Forming Technology and Machines. The synchropress® 4M 6000 is a force-linked forming machine in which the ram stroke is realised by means of four servomotor-driven and electronically synchronised roller screws. The machine has a working area of 3,020x2,000 mm2 and a maximum total press force of 6,000 kN.

The drive concept and the control system enable a freely programmable trajectory of the ram and the provision of the nominal force at any ram position. The intended use of the machine relates in particular to applications in which variable forces are required in eccentric loadcases. This primarily concerns processes on multi-stage tools or the production of larger parts. The forming machine is therefore suitable for carrying out research activities in areas including corresponding processes, but also in the area of machine-side system and data analysis.

                                                                                                                                         Published by Dietmar Friesen