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Mehrstufige Umformprozesse auf Transferpressen bleiben Forschungsgegenstand am IFUM

Multi-stage forming processes on transfer presses remain a research topic at the IFUM

In transfer presses, the workpieces are transported from one stage to the next between the forming processes by means of gripper and transfer devices.

The production of complex formed parts with several function-providing form elements and sometimes a high plastic strain on multi-stage die sets and appropriately equipped presses has been the subject of research at the IFUM for many years.

In an ongoing research project, a control stage is integrated into a corresponding press after the forming stages, with the help of which the geometry of each manufactured workpiece, in particular the functional surfaces, is re-measured. In this way, a one hundred percent control of the often safety-relevant products is realised during the process.

The quality of the components produced on multi-stage presses depends sensitively on numerous external influences. It is particularly strongly influenced by the position of the individual die parts relative to each other in the forming phase of the work cycle. How the adjustment of the dies during production preparation, the so-called die set-up, can be realised particularly cleverly using artificial intelligence will soon be the subject of future work at the IFUM.