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Das DFG-Projekt „Linear angetriebene Hybridaktorik zur umformtechnischen Fertigung komplexer Bauteile“ startet in die zweite Phase

The DFG project "Linear Driven Hybrid Actuators for Forming Technology Manufacturing of Complex Components" has entered its second phase


In an initial project phase, basic knowledge was developed on the use of a press main drive combined of linear motors and electromagnets for the production of small punched, drawn and bent components. In the continuation project, the interactions of several processes in progressive tools with the described hybrid press main drive are to be investigated simulatively and experimentally. To date, different control concepts have been required for each of the individual processes mentioned in order to manufacture quality-optimised components. The aim is to use new control and tooling approaches to enable the production of complex cutting-drawing-bending stampings with very high manufacturing accuracy in a progressive process using the hybrid drive with high process stability. Furthermore, research will be carried out to determine which qualitative improvements can be achieved with the hybrid press main drive, in particular for precise embossing operations.